Mid-levels is located on Victoria Peak directly above central. Cover a long strip of hillside area on the north shore of Hong Kong Island, from Conduit and Robinson Roads at the western end of the island to Jardine’s Lookout and Tai Hang in the eastern end, of the island.

It has excellent connections to the Central Area including of course the Central-Mid-Levels Escalator. Many of the roads in this area are within walking distance of the Central Business District, which is accessible by the mid levels escalator from Central

The Mid-Levels Many Mid-Levels flats have harbor views-from partial to spectacular. Although many newcomers find the harbor view very attractive, it should be remembered that flats facing the harbor look north and so may get very little sun. Western Mid-Levels around Robinson, Kotewall, and Conduit Roads is a conurbation of high-rise flats.

The middle Mid-Levels are handily located above and behind Central district and close to the Botanical and Zoological Gardens and Brewin Path Playground. This area includes the popular Bowen and MacDonnell Roads, where spacious older and newer luxury blocks of flats can be found.

Eastern Mid-Levels includes Stubbs Rd, Shiu Fai Terrace, and the eastern Kennedy Rd. Some parts of this area are close by pleasant.

Walks and paths along bush-clad hills of the middle part of the island. Many Expect families seem to choose between the Mid-Levels and Repulse Bay by deciding whether close to work or the children commute to school. School buses are available for most schools in this area.

Living anywhere on the north side of the island allows fairly quick access to the Star Ferry, the MTR, and the Cross Harbor Tunnel.

From its Garden Rd Terminals, Peak Tram makes four stops during its ascent (Kennedy Rd, MacDonnell Rd, May Rd, Barker Rd) before reaching Peak Tower.

The Peak

Views of the harbor or the outer islands in the South China Sea are exquisite, except during spring months, when the Peak is often above cloud level and in smog. The Peak, Hong Kong's most popular attraction is more than just stunning vistas or great shopping and dining. It's an amazing collection of unique must-visit attractions, providing you with a diverse fun-filled experience of Hong Kong's living culture.

The Peak starts at Guildford Rd and Barker Rd and continues up to Mt Austin Rd. Side Roads like Plantation Rd, Gough Rd and Mt Kellet Rd have good views all around.

Dehumidifiers are vital on the Peak. Supermarkets, banks, beauty salon, and post office are available. The German Swiss International School and Peak Junior School are close at hand as well. Galleria, the big shopping mall is in the area, right next to the Peak Tram.

North Shore

Jardine’s Lookout has private homes, some garden apartments, and a predominance of two- and three-story buildings. Located above Happy Valley, it is an excellent district for those who wish to be reasonably handy to Central but live in a more suburban environment.

The French Int’l School and the Japanese Int’l are a few minutes away from Jardine’s Lookout. Happy Valley, Causeway Bay, and Wanchai contain some high-rise blocks of flats which appeal to expatriates.

Generally, the flats are small. However, each of these areas is conveniently located for shopping, and transportation is readily available. Causeway Bay and Wanchai are heavily populated and the air polluted, with Victoria Park being the main recreation area.

Hong Kong Sanatorium a private hospital is nearby. Taikooshing and Kornhill are selfcontained highrise cities in the North Point/Quarry Bay areas. Shopping is selfcontained at City Plaza and they have their own MTR station.

South Shore

Repulse Bay, Shouson Hill and Deep Water Bay on the south side of Hong Kong Island are, at peak traffic hours, 20-30 minutes’ travel time from Central. Shouson Hill’s apartment buildings tend to be smaller, with two- and three-story units most prevalent. Residents of this area can shop in Aberdeen as well as in Stanley. Aberdeen, famous for its floating restaurant, was once just a fishing village.

It has been redeveloped and industrialized. Minibuses are available along Shouson Hill Rd. Repulse Bay seems to be chosen by families whose children attend the American curriculum Hong Kong International School. Most of the housing is high-rise, though there is a distinctly suburban atmosphere.

Other relatively new developments on the South Shore are in South Bay, just along from Repulse Bay, Red Hill, and Tai Tam. The American Club’s splendid country club premises are located in Tai Tam which is also not too far from the Hong Kong International School campuses, next to Redhill Shopping Complex.

Repulse Bay Rd is well served by buses and minibuses, some expatriate commuters form carpools or rent hire-cars by the month, sharing the ride to work with several neighbors. Despite the difficulties of parking in town and the traffic congestion, a car can be a great help in Repulse Bay. An upscale shopping arcade.

The Repulse Bay has a Welcome Supermarket and bank. A post office is located on South Bay Rd and another on Beach Rd. New arrivals should be careful not to be taken in by the beaches, particularly those of Repulse Bay and Deep Water Bay, which seem so pleasant when viewed in winter or on a clear weekday. On a summer weekend, the crowds and traffic at the southern beaches are unbelievable, and best avoided. There is the other matter of the swimming waters: during and immediately following a heavy weekend, they can be badly polluted.

Stanley, once a small fishing village, is now among the more popular residential areas of Hong Kong Island It houses the local prison, the Stanley Club and until 1997 was the site of a British Army barracks.

Located a few miles past Repulse Bay, Stanley has a large market very popular with expatriates for its fresh fish and vegetables, rattan furniture and accessories, clothing, barbers, and much more. There is Stanley Plaza, a shopping mall housing a bakery, wine shop and Park ‘n’ Shop.

There is a Welcome supermarket on the main road, post office and gas station. There is a bus service to the Hong Kong International School and to Quarry Bay Junior School, as well as frequent buses to Central and Shau kiwan.

Over the years many good restaurants and pubs have emerged, creating a cosmopolitan style. Longtime residents of Stanley tend to feel they live in a real community.

Small apartment units, two- and three-story, and the more leisurely pace of traffic permits bicycling and walking for both youngsters and adults. Some of the buildings have swimming pools and garden areas.

Other relatively new developments on the South Shore are in South Bay, just along from Repulse Bay, Red Hill, and Tai Tam. The American Club’s splendid country club premises are located in Tai Tam which is also not too far from the Hong Kong International School campuses, next to Redhill Shopping Complex.

West Shore

Pokfulam and Cyberport are popular and large blocks of apartment buildings there include Scenic Villas and Baguio Villas. Some low-rise flats with garden areas can be found in Pokfulam on Bisney, Mount Davis, and Sassoon Roads.

The Hong Kong University is spread along both sides of Pokfulam Rd. Cyberport a new IT center, with apartment blocks looking out the Riding School and Sandy Bay Duchess of Kent Children’s Hospital are located nearby, as are Kennedy Primary School and West Island High School, both parts of the English Schools Foundation network of schools in the territory. Baguio Villas has a minibus service. School buses cover most areas.


Area like Waterloo Hill, Homantin Hill and Beacon Hill are areas of high-rise and low-rise buildings, excellent for public transportation, near supermarkets, and close to the public library. Flats vary in size to quite large units. Many have terraces and views.

Kowloon Tong and Yau Yat Chuen are more suburban in feel. Here one-and two-story buildings, surrounded by gardens and on quiet streets, is available in completely residential settings.

There are few houses for rent, but many townhouses contain only two or four flats. Kowloon Tong is 20 minutes by bus to Tsim Sha Tsui, and close to Kowloon City. The MTR provides speedy access to the island.

Mei Foo Sun Chuen is a self-contained high-rise community in Lai Chi Kok. It has its own bus service every 15 minutes to the Star Ferry.

The tunnel bus service is convenient. The journey is fairly long if you work on Hong Kong Island, even though the MTR has provided some improvement.

Flats for bachelors, couples, and families are small but allow for people of all ages, family composition and income. Mei Foo is really a large town in itself, built to local middle-class standards.

It is noisy and crowded, but its advantages are beautiful harbor views, shops of all kinds on the ground floors of residential buildings, restaurants, and parks and play areas, all of which have been incorporated into this project, originally developed by Mobil Oil.

New Territories

In the New Territories, there are some magnificent townhouse-type developments, particularly around Sai Kung and Clearwater Bay. These and other New Territories areas were previously largely overlooked by expatriates, who reasoned that the isolation and long journey overshadowed the advantages of the environment.

This is changing with the development of infrastructure. Some shift to these areas is likely when rents in the more-popular areas of Kowloon and the Island escalate and as new housing estates of detached and semidetached houses are built at Yuen Long and Tai Po.

Discovery Bay ( an expat town) locate on Lantau Island is a 25 minutes (24 Hours ferry service) direct access to Hong Kong Core central, interlink with landmark building IFC mall and Exchange Square.

The Discovery Bay Tunnel and road link opened in early 2000. It connects Discovery Bay with the transportation network in North Lantau. 23 minutes to Hong Kong International Airport. 15 to 20 Minutes to Sunny Bay and Tung Chung MTR around Private cars are not permitted.

Discovery Bay is a well planned western style suburban development. Currently consists of 14 phases with around 9,000 unit properties ranging from (Smallest 432 sq ft studio high-rise towers (1 to 4 bed rooms) to largest 5168 sq ft Garden house with swimming pool.

The development also features with international schools, privately owned beach, Lantau boat club, four private membership clubs including a golf, marina and two residents clubs. Other facilities like banks supermarkets and two good size shopping centre and New Discovery Bay Hotel.

Though DB is considered in Hong Kong to be a low-density development due to the amount of open spaces,. Unlike many other developments in Hong Kong, pets are allowed in DB.