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How to Apply for a Driving License

A Hong Kong driving license may be issued to you without a test if you are the holder of an overseas driving license issued by one of the approved countries listed on the Fourth Schedule of the Road Traffic (Driving Licenses) Regulations, Cap 374, and is valid or has expired for not more than three years. You must also comply with one of the additional conditions:

- have resided in the overseas country for not less than six months during which the license was issued; or
- have held the license for not less than five years prior to the application; or
- hold a passport or equivalent document of the country in which the license was issued. If you do not satisfy all the conditions for direct issue, you will be required to pass a test in all parts before a Hong Kong driving license is issued.

Applications are only accepted at the Hong Kong Licensing Office, must be made on the prescribed form, and accompanied by originals and photocopies of your overseas driving license, travel documents and Hong Kong Identity Card, together with two photographs and the appropriate fee ($900 for ten years). An officially certified translation of an overseas driving license presented in connection with the application is also required if the license is in a language other than English or Chinese.

If you are a visitor to Hong Kong, you can drive on the strength of your overseas driving license or international driving permit. A visitor is a person who does not plan to reside in Hong Kong for more than 12 months.

A Temporary Driving License may be issued on payment of the prescribed fee if you are taking up residence in Hong Kong and you hold a valid overseas driving license issued by a country not on the approved list provided that you satisfy one of the additional requirements prescribed above for direct issue of Hong Kong driving license and that you have applied for a driving test within three months of your arrival in Hong Kong.A Temporary Driving License will enable you to drive on public roads before the test, but if you fail in any part of the driving test, your Temporary Driving License will be cancelled immediately.

Overseas Driving

If you wish to drive abroad, you may apply for an International Driving Permit on the prescribed form. The permit will be issued if you are resident in Hong Kong and hold a valid Hong Kong driving license.

Two photographs and the prescribed fee are required ($80).

Car Insurance

Third party insurance is compulsory by law. You must obtain a certificate of insurance before a transfer of ownership and car registration can be completed. You can usually arrange for insurance over the phone and the certificate can be faxed to you.

Hong Kong offers a ‘no claim bonus’ (up to 60% discount) for the number of claim-free years you have had with your previous insurance company. In order to qualify for this bonus, have your prior insurer provide you with a letter validating your record.