New Territories

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Discovery Bay
Amalfi - Block 1, Amalfi Drive
Amalfi - Block 2, Amalfi Drive
Amalfi - Block 3, Amalfi Drive
Positano - Block L16, Bayside Drive
Positano - Block L5, Bayside Drive
Positano - Block L8, Bayside Drive
Bijou Hamlet, Bijou Drive
Blossom Court, Capeland Drive
Twilight Court, Capeland Drive
Caperidge Drive - Lowrise, Caperidge Drive
Crestmont Villa, Caperidge Drive
Haven Court, Capevale Drive
Jovial Court, Capevale Drive
Verdant Court, Capevale Drive
Costa Court, Costa Avenue
La Costa - Lowrise, Costa Avenue
Onda Court, Costa Avenue
Barion, Discovery Bay Road
Coastline Villa, Discovery Bay Road
Glamour Court (DB), Discovery Bay Road
Greenbelt Court, Discovery Bay Road
Greendale Court, Discovery Bay Road
Greenery Court, Discovery Bay Road
Greenland Court, Discovery Bay Road
Greenmont Court, Discovery Bay Road
Greenwood Court, Discovery Bay Road
Hemex, Discovery Bay Road
Lustre, Discovery Bay Road
Neo Horizon I, Discovery Bay Road
Neo Horizon II, Discovery Bay Road
Pavilion, Discovery Bay Road
Premier, Discovery Bay Road
Headland Drive, Headland Drive
Marine View, Middle Lane
Middle Lane, Middle Lane
Crystal Court, Parkvale Drive
Woodbury Court (DB), Parkvale Drive
Woodgreen Court, Parkvale Drive
Discovery Bay Plaza, Plaza Lane
Seabee Lane - Lowrise, Seabee Lane
Seabird Lane, Seabird Lane
Seahorse Lane, Seahorse Lane
La Serene - Lowrise, Serene Avenue
Serene Court (DB), Serene Avenue
Siena One - House, Siena One Drive
Siena One - Lowrise, Siena One Drive
Skyline Mansion (DB), Siena One Drive
Graceful Mansion, Siena Two
Joyful Mansion, Siena Two
Peaceful Mansion, Siena Two
Siena Two - Lowrise, Siena Two