Renting Guide

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Leasing Conditions

In Hong Kong, most properties are leased out in good condition with fully furnished and unfurnished. Kitchen appliances are usually provided by The Landlord such as cookers, washing machines, refrigerator and microwave. Air-conditioners are essential for living during summer in Hong Kong and usually has installed in the property.

Before moving in your new rented property, The landlord usually provides a general cleaning throughout the property and repainted the walls if it's needed.


Rentals are payable monthly in advance and are in Hong Kong Dollars. Usually inclusive of management fees and government rates.


When signing a tenancy agreement, The landlord is required equivalent to two or three months rental deposit. The deposit is held by The Landlord without interest, and refunded to The Tenant upon expiration of the lease.

Tenancy Agreement

The tenancy agreement in Hong Kong are for two years and usually with a break clause which means both The Tenant and The Landlord are possible to terminate the tenancy agreement by serving two or three months notice to each parties after twelve months of commencement of the lease.


This is the Tenant responsibility for applying the utilities in the property such as gas, electricity, water and broadband internet / telephone landline. A connection fee is payable to each service provider.

Agency Fee

In accordance with local practice in Hong Kong, an agency fee of half month's rental is payable by the Tenant once entering to the tenancy agreement.

If you have found your apartment through Prime Property then we will organize for all your utilities to be put on in either your name or the companies, if applicable. Call us if you need assistance.

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