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Moving to Hong Kong

It is relaxing to move into Hong Kong as here is the friendly international city for expatriates. We will tell you some critical information here like what items and clothing should be brought and what way they are be sent. Could we send our pets? Here comes the answers.

Preparations for Moving

First of all, it is noteworthy to know that what you can bring and what you cannot bring. We could not ship frozen and perishable foods. We could not bring opened liquor bottles, firearms and drugs. We should not ship plants and flammable items. We should not ship important papers like legal documents, saving account bankbooks, passport, money, etc...

You should select the movers experienced in global packing and forwarding. You can ask for their reference check to see which firm used to be their client to indicate how good they are. Should your goods are expensive, you should select a broader insurance coverage. It is better for you to buy insurance for the whole lot together as it is difficult to collect a full refund when you just insured a few items and on of those items is damaged. You should ask how long for the shipment then check where your goods will be stored in Hong Kong as it may take few weeks or month to get our apartment ready. Lastly, please ask what the name, the address and the contact of the Hong Kong moving company agent.

Storage Fee in HK:

-$4.50 per cubic foot per month, which varies slightly and subject to different company.

Customs Clearance:

-Drugs/firearms including all guns, antiques and some replicas are strictly prohibited.
-Liquor, methyl alcohol, cigarettes, on-alcoholic beverages, tobacco and hydrocarbon oils are imposed with duty.
-For automobiles, a first registration tax of around 50 percent of the purchase price is imposed. Annual license fee ranges from HK$3,929 to 11,329.

Legal Concerns:

As an expatriate, you need to understand the purpose of entering HK. Whether you come for employment or to launch a business, it is necessary for you to obtain an employment visa which is issued by the Hong Kong Immigration Department. Your family members have to obtain the dependent visas for their stay with you. Before your coming to HK, you need to your employment and the dependent visas first. The processing time for the application takes 8-12 weeks. You can make your visa application at a diplomatic office , Chinese Embassy or Chinese Consulate in the world.

Application Procedures:

You have to list two referees or sponsors in HK when you do the application. The local employer should be one of those. The legal framework of branch subsidiary is needed be finalized before the application should the HK employer is the branch subsidiary of an international company.

The authority will contact the HK sponsor and ask them to provide supporting papers and to complete the sponsorship form after the application is sent to the Hong Kong Immigration Department. Then, the authority will assess the application with supporting papers then telex the results to the embassy of where the applicant has submit the application.

Generally, as we need to make sure all the foreigner can be self-supporting in Hong Kong, an expatriate whose salary is mainly from commission will hardly get a Hong Kong employment visa.

Dependent Visas:

The Hong Kong dependent visas are for the children and the spouse of a visa applicant to apply. The dependent visas holder are allowed to find a job in Hong Kong.

Right to Land/Unconditional Stay:

Permanent Residence and associated right to land endorsement could be applied for the foreign passport holders and their families. To achieve this, they have to live in Hong Kong for a continuous period of more than seven years. The evidence proving they have lived for seven years are not limited to tax returns and letters from employers.