Fine Dining

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Hong Kong Fine Dining

With around 11,000 restaurants in Hong Kong offer both Western and Asian cuisines in relaxing environment for newcomers to enjoy with their familiar tastes, in a wide meal prices range to match. As a paradise of culinary delicacy, ,Hong Kong is a place where the top chef of the Western culinary world to visit from time to time presenting with a formidable variety of latest cuisines and menus including Germany, France, Italy, France, Sydney , Switzerland, California and elsewhere. These restaurants may cost HK$280 to $500 for the lunch choices and dinner from $500 to $1,500 even without drinks. It is due to most of the restaurants are located in the luxury surroundings like five-star hotels while others are in the local prime real estate areas. Cuisines in HK would change with the season and special food promotion festivals are often there ready offer. Some hotel restaurants feature inviting celebrity chefs to visit throughout the year. Some offer variations from the spics taste of India to the fine tastes of Japan, infusing with every flavour of Asia. All these various cuisine can be found throughout the city but the major commercial districts , shopping and entertaining areas such as Causeway Bay, Wan Chai, Tsim Sha Tsui and SoHo. When it comes to bars and restaurants attracting Westerners, the two typically main entertainment districts are on Hong Kong Island : Lan Kwai Fong in Central and SoHo in Causeway Bay. Most restaurants and bars in are either on Staunton St or Elgin St. in SoHo.

Hong Kong’s dining standards are relatively high due to the intense competition atmospheres around. Dining out is an integral part of social life for Hong Kong locals, similar to the pub visits in Western life. Standards in term of hygiene and cleanliness are also high while government officers have substantial power to exercise the inspection regularly.

Wine Rites in Hong Kong

A study has shown that what Asian drunkards drinking are wines with better quality, featuring the region’s evolving importance role over the global wine trade market. It is believed that a booming economy and changing attitudes in lifestyles were the driving force for the change. People think drinking wine is asipirational and they willing to spend to show it off as they feel like doing themselves better materially. Wine cellars keep expanding their operations with ascending profit. For the wine industry in Hong Kong, there are over 2,000 wine liquor license holders and around 200 wine wholesalers. Well-attended wine tasting dinners are often organized by hotels and restaurants while deluxe hotel wine cellars grow up quickly with vintage collections.

Chinese Regional Cuisines

All the major types of Chinese culinary styles varies can be tasted in Hong Kong, the distinct flavours of Chinese cuisine can be divided by four main regional cuisines including the cities of Guangzhou (Cantonese) in south China, Beijing (Peking) in the north, Shanghai in the east, and Szechuan. Being the Asia's world city, Hong Kong is where these Chinese cooking styles can be tasted at its most traditional and creative, sometimes on the same street.

Over all these varieties of Chinese cuisine, the dining choice in Hong Kong is likely to be dominated by Cantonese style, dim sum and Chinese-style barbecue being good examples. The distinct highlight of Chinese cooking in its light seasoning from other cuisine types, Cantonese cuisine strongly emphasis on freshness of food –it has the largest range of fresh vegetable, rice and seafood dishes. This demonstrates the ability of the traditional market to continue existing alongside with modern supermarkets in Hong Kong.